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How Staff Augmentation Can Accelerate Your Company’s Growth

Staff Augmentation Red Pepper Software

Most companies, from small startups to billion dollar enterprises, are chasing growth. We all know the benefits of scale – access to lower cost materials, accumulated experience, and bigger budgets lead to increasing revenues and wider margins. If you’re not growing, you’re losing the battle for market share to your competitors. So in short, growth is crucial for sustained business success.

But along with growth comes a constant stream of difficult problems. One of the greatest of these is making sure your organization has the right talent at the right time. Often, a growing company’s talent pool is a bit like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between hiring too much too soon, and struggling to keep pace with demand. This can lead to underutilized employees and spiraling overhead on one hand, and overloaded employees and missed opportunities on the other.

For many companies, staff augmentation is a smarter way to facilitate and even accelerate growth. A company, like Red Pepper Software, that provides staff augmentation will evaluate the skills and size of your staff, determine what additional expertise or resources are needed to accomplish a specific project, and deploy a team of experts to meet that need.

When should I use staff augmentation?

There are many situations where staff augmentation could be the right tool for growth. It takes significant investment to build a development team or technical department. You’d need equipment, developers, project managers, and a CTO, none of which come cheap. If a top class technical department is not an essential part of your unique value proposition, then you’ll have trouble justifying investing your scarce resources in a development team, instead of deploying them where they are needed most.

If you do have a development team, staff augmentation could still be the right choice. When a project requires skills that are outside of your core competency, or if your home grown experts are busy working on other things, you could augment your existing team with the additional skills and resources you need to get the job done. This could be in the form of any number of people for any amount of time. Staff augmentation is flexible way to respond to your organization’s technical needs, as a company tailors solutions to the specifications of the project.

Who is on a team?

Project Manager – The project manager is the liaison between the company and the development team. These savvy individuals are comfortable whether they’re leading developers or meeting with the CEO. They live in both worlds and speak both languages. They ensure that everyone runs on task and manage the project for both parties.

Business Analyst – The business analyst is laser focused on the business objectives. They want to make sure the team is actually solving the problem at hand. Business analysts apply this focus to design, wire framing, and user stories. They dig deep to uncover the real drivers behind the issues you’re facing and design solutions that make a difference.

The Right Developers  – The needs of your project determine the type of developers that will be staffed on your team. As an example, at Red Pepper Software we have developers that specialize in back end, front end, full stack, and mobile (including android and iOS) development. These talented people have skills and experience in a diverse spectrum of environments and programming languages. Whatever your problem, we can deploy the right combination of developers to solve it.

QA Analyst- These are the testers and problem solvers. They love breaking things to find out how to build them better. QA analysts help the team fine-tune, debug, and iron out the kinks in the code. They help create the best possible user experience before deploying your finished project.

Product Owner – In most cases this is the company that needs help. Building software is a collaborative and iterative process that requires input from the biggest stakeholders in the project. It helps to have the product owner on the team to ease communication and represent the interests of the company.

What are the advantages of staff augmentation?

There’s real synergy in using a team that has experience working together. They know each person’s capacity, responsibilities, and personality. They know how to work in an agile development framework and have delivered outstanding results to many companies in many industries. Using a staff augmentation strategy gets you a fully functioning team with the exact skills you need right out of the gate. There are tangible cost savings associated with finding, attracting, and onboarding a similar team. There’s serious strategic advantage in having access to their tacit knowledge, and being able to apply your resources where they matter most.

If you think staff augmentation could be just the thing to accelerate your growth, contact Red Pepper Software today. We will help you determine the type of team that can tackle your toughest projects to boost your growth.