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Client Success Story: Central Utah Water Conservancy District



The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is a political subdivision within the State of Utah. Central Utah Water works to conserve water through preparation for the future. Through its various projects and programs, Central Utah Water strives to live up to its values and serve society. CUWCD’s core mission is to properly manage the resources we have by developing, delivering, conserving, and preparing.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District Working With Red Pepper Software

The Problem

Outdated, Inefficient Processes

Central Utah Water is one of the largest and most established water districts in the Western United States. Being the prominent entity they are, they found themselves operating inside of rather inefficient and/or dated processes.

Coming to Red Pepper Software

Before working with Red Pepper, CUWCD intelligently identified quite a few areas in which they could utilize software and technology to improve efficiency and streamline their operations. As CUWCD engaged Red Pepper Software in working on project-based work, they found themselves enjoying the major improvements in operational efficiency.

Central Utah Water came to Red Pepper and asked for more time and more help. However, based on the nature of the project-type work they were asking for, they had to wait in the project queue before this work could be accomplished. They had seen such positive ROI from the work Red Pepper had already completed that waiting didn’t seem to be the best option.

“Red Pepper Software’s highly competent staff has provided backend, frontend, and mobile development expertise on several of our internal projects, primarily in a staff augmentation role. In addition to developing software, Red Pepper Software’s senior staff members have assisted us in architecting some of our systems and have helped us to solve some unique problems.”
– Richard King, CUWCD


The Solution

Solutions That Work

At that point, Jenna George, Red Pepper Software’s Director of Partnerships, suggested they begin a staff-augmentation agreement. Red Pepper employed and managed a small team of full-time developers at CUWCD’s offices to then work full-time on providing further solutions for them. CUWCD couldn’t have been happier with the arrangement.


Project Highlights

Adding Significant Value For CUWCD

These are just a few of the many one-off projects Red Pepper Software completed for CUWCD:

  • Inventory
  • Mobile Application
  • Work Order Management
  • Mobile App for Work Orders
  • Backend API for Work Orders
  • Front-end design and development for Work Orders as well
  • Knowledge Transfer Application
  • This system enables knowledge retention as the old guard goes into retirement
  • iOS Frameworks for offline iOS applications
  • Records Integration Media Management
  • Storage of documents and videos
  • Vehicle Usage Tracking
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • And many, many other projects


Technologies Red Pepper Software Utilized:
  • Creation of Restful APIs using ASP.NET Web API
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • Dapper
  • Postgres Database Development (advanced)
  • iOS (Swift) development (using Xcode)
  • Web front-end applications (jQuery, HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Amazon Storage
  • Video and image compression
  • Esri Javascript API


Replicating This Success For You

How Can Red Pepper Replicate The Same Type of Success For Your Company?

Many conservancy districts (water or otherwise) find themselves working to accomplish goals similar to that of CUWCD–– to responsibly develop, deliver, and conserve the resources they carefully manage. Due to the scalable frameworks, intelligent development, and efficiencies we at Red Pepper Software have used as we continue to work with Central Utah Water, replicating these same results for similar entities has become easier than one might think.

We, at Red Pepper Software, understand the business model and have already built the entire platform for the king of water conservation. CUWCD didn’t start out with a high-dollar contract. They started with smaller projects and soon realized they couldn’t afford to lose the value Red Pepper was creating. If you find yourself in any related industry, you’ll soon realize, after working with Red Pepper, that our expertise, experience, and efficient processes will begin creating a similar type of value for you.

What Does This Mean For Your Company?

For many of us, the challenge can simply be that we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s okay!

All we ask is that you give us one meeting to show you the things we now know so well. We’re confident you’ll learn something and that you’ll walk away with a greater direction for what you can do and where it might be done. Give us a call.

We’d be happy to sit down or even answer any questions you may have over the phone.