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Client Success Story: Wagstaff Crane

Wagstaff Crane is one of the oldest and largest crane companies in the Mountain West region of the United States. Whether it’s windmill farms, mining, large construction projects or more, Wagstaff Crane has a long history of supplying the safest crane experience in the region with the most experienced operators available.

Our challenge

Rapid growth in recent years has put a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on the existing people and systems. To compound issues, increased regulations from various government agencies have required new levels of reporting and information accessibility. Getting information to seamlessly integrate with the other systems used by the company was critical to future growth and scalability.

What they say: “When you have millions of dollars worth of equipment that is constantly being used by hundreds of different people, there is a lot to track! Our old paper systems just weren’t going to cut it and we knew we needed software to help us take our business to the next level.”

The Red Pepper solution

We did a deep dive analysis of Wagstaff Crane’s business processes and augmented their team using our industry experiences. Our software experts began the foundation for the software that became exactly what Wagstaff Crane required to move forward as one of the leading crane companies this side of the Rockies.

After clearly defining what goals needed to be met and a thorough analysis on current systems, Red Pepper Software was able to develop a custom system. We built a blueprint of the software which evolved into an MVP that was worked on and perfected through a few releases. Red Pepper Software built software and apps for asset tracking, asset management, asset scheduling, tracking of safety related processes, tracking upcoming and overdue preventative maintenance tasks, and time tracking for employees and use of equipment. Red Pepper Software was able to put the software into full production and customize it for each of the staffing/construction/crane services offered by Wagstaff Crane.

What they say: “When we decided to build a software product for Wagstaff Crane we knew that we needed a team we could trust –a team that felt like more of a partner than just a contract vendor. We’re very grateful to Red Pepper and the support and integrity that they’ve demonstrated over the years. No custom project is without its challenges and setbacks, but Red Pepper has been trustworthy and understanding in all our interactions. We would recommend them to anyone!

Since we have been using this solution from Red Pepper Software, we have been able to more effectively scale our business, decrease duplicated efforts and response times from order to cash for job invoicing, and drastically minimize equipment and safety related failures and increase compliance. It has been a life saver and has completely changed the way we do business.”

What does this mean for your company?

We are able to replicate this successful software for other companies who are looking to automate their paper processes. We can also streamline multiple software systems to be able to speak with one another, leverage existing processes for increased productivity and profitability, and streamline and improve controls for more efficiency.

Our solutions may work for your company if your company struggles with any of the following pain points:

  • A need to streamline multiple software systems to be able to speak more effectively with one another.
  • A need to leverage currently existing processes to increase productivity and profitability
  • A need to streamline and improve controls for more higher efficiency