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Client Success Story: Larada Sciences

Larada Sciences is a Utah-based company committed to the eradication of head lice. Make no mistake, this battle for blood is as old has the first upright apes that roamed the earth. From the pharaohs of Egypt to today’s unsuspecting 3rd grader—the battle of head lice continues. With straight forward science, innovative patents and designs, and a killer team, Larada Sciences has developed unparalleled tools and services for the extermination of lice.

Our challenge

While Larada knows lice and how to kill them, integrating those solutions with the latest and most reliable reporting and management software has been a whole new adventure. Building software that provides better delivery of services to clients while simultaneously offering improved reporting and data gathering has been a top priority. Larada needed to rapidly generate a prototype for a new version of AirAllé® (pronounced air-a-lay). It needed to collect data as it treated patients. They already had a website where their customers would send photos of odometers in their treatment machines.

What they say: “Larada’s solutions are the best and most effective on the planet—we knew that we needed software that could complement and live up to that standard.” 

The Red Pepper Solution

Red Pepper helped implement and design the software interface utilizing Internet of Things. The solution gathers and reports information on treatments in real time as well as collecting demographic data on patients.

Using an off the shelf technology, to help speed up development time, Red Pepper Software held weekly meetings to update Larada about the progress that had been made and fix any bugs (no pun intended) that had arisen. Larada was very involved in the development process as key Red Pepper Software developers maintained regular communication to ensure their needs were met. We setup a continuous integration platform for the client to receive automatic updates and perform user acceptance testing. As we completed features they would accept or reject stories. We were able to leverage the clients expertise to minimize downtime, and deliver on time and ahead of schedule.

It’s not everyday you can help to build a solution for something that has so clearly plagued mankind throughout recorded history. Solving business problems like those faced by Larada Sciences and their team are exactly what we enjoy doing.

What they say: “We contacted Red Pepper Software with our unique business challenges and we were delighted with their staff’s ability to provide elegant and simple solutions for our complex business needs.”

What does this mean for your company?

We can offer business solutions for companies looking to to connect with the Internet of Things and provide simple (to use and understand) software solutions for complex business needs. We can offer business solutions for companies looking to to connect with the Internet of Things and provide simple to use and understand software solutions for complex business needs. For your organization to thrive, you need software that supports and strengthens your own unique advantages. At Red Pepper, our business-centered development process creates software that your team can rely on to accomplish your most challenging goals. Let us help you stay ahead of your competition with software solutions that are rock-solid and on-strategy.